About us

Mavisis Technology A.Ş. is a leader technology company in power electronics area in renewable energy. ‘’Mavisis Technology’’, as a brand, states our mission to develop the technology respecting to human beings, environment and society under the blue sky. Our R&D team consists of the specialists who have the signature on the award winning successful projects in Turkey.


Since the establishment in 2006, our company has focused on the development of the most innovative products and solutions such as energy, grid connected power systems, energy storage and power shifting technologies, fuel saving technologies, remote monitoring and data acquisition systems. In the meantime, Mavisis Technology has also been the partner of the leading national and international companies and cooperated with the most respected universities and institutions.


Solar inverters and power electronics equipment developed by Mavisis have been used in solar power stations, solar commercial roofs, small wind stations, off-grid solar and wind power generation systems, agricultural water usage applications. The creative products of Mavisis have been presented to the market by Mavi Solar brand and awarded by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV) and Turkish Industry & Business Association (TUSIAD).


With many years of R&D experience, Mavisis has developed modular central inverter concept for solar power stations. This concept has combined both the modularity of string inverters and the price advantages of central inverters. In this way, completely unique inverter topology has been developed by Mavisis, which features high energy harvesting at very low and very high irradiance conditions, flat efficiency curve and high availability. MODGES inverter system equipped with all these features provide the ideal solution for solar power station of the future.

The on-going inverter production of Mavisis is over 50 MWp annually. Our company also provides the best local technical support. With 26 companies and over 1600 employees, DMY Group, including the Mavisis, has pioneering role on technological development and continues to create added-value by more production and technological efforts.

The development and production of Mavisis includes environment friendly equipment such as the grid connected and off grid island type solar and wind inverters, MPPT solar charge equipment, fuel saving systems, load banks with recycle feature, grid connected power shifting units.