Energy Storage System

With many years of R&D experience, Mavisis Technology has developed MAVI SOLAR Photovoltaic Energy Storage Systems (PV ESS) combining successfully both the price advantage of Uninterruptible Power Suplies and the SOLAR energy harvest capability of SOLAR Chargers by providing high efficiency, high availability and reliability. MAVI SOLAR ESS overcomes common problems of low voltage grid with low quality presenting severe problems for AC fed critical loads like IT equipment, medical instruments, and other mission critical electronic equipment. Thus, those grid problems should be taken care of by means of a power electronic device such as an Uninterruptible Power Supply. Another important issue with the low voltage grid is the “availability of the grid”. In Midle East, grid availability is less than 23%.
In this respect, MAVISIS developed a unique approach to the above problem with award winning MAVI SOLAR PV Energy Storage System technology. MAVI SOLAR PV ESS presents complete power electronic equipment for both power quality problems and photovoltaic energy production in low quality grids.

Solar Energy is the Primary Source
By means of high efficient MPPT Charger module integrated in Mavi Solar PV ESS, PV energy is the primary source feding electrical loads. If there is enough solar energy, MPPT charger can supply both AC loads and the battery pack. If the grid is not available, MPPT charger and battery pack can together feed AC loads uninterruptedly.
Fast Charging Capability
In MAVI SOLAR PV ESS, battery charging power is equal to the system power rating. Fast charging capability guarantees that excessive PV power can be stored immediately. Thus, energy harvest from PV modules is maximized. Fast battery charging also bring advantages in regions where power grid is not available for long hours. MAVI SOLAR PV ESS can charge the batteries from grid with rated system power in small time durations when grid is available.
Start Up Capability Without Grid Existence
By means of “Cold Start” feature, Mavi Solar PV ESS can start up even without any utility grid and genertor connection and start feeding critical AC loads together with the battery pack.
Operation Capability Even With Very Low PV Irradiance
Due to its wide PV input voltage range capablity, MAVİ SOLAR PV ESS enables PV energy to supply AC loads even at the lowest irradiance levels starting from 6 W/m2. Even in these conditions, charger continues to supply smallest amount of energy to the loads with MPPT efficiency higher than 99,5% providing more economical operation and short payback time.

MAVI SOLAR PV ESS solar energy harvest is achieved with a Global Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm resistant to partial shading conditions which is very common for residential and commertial roof applications. By means of high efficient MPPT algorithm and operation capability at very low irradiance, pv energy harvest continues for every climate conditions. With the help of continuous PV production, MAVI SOLAR PV ESS is as self-sufficient as possible.

Energy Storage and Power Shifting
Utilization of PV energy without a storage system is very limited. With its storage capability, MAVI SOLAR PV ESS can store the excess PV energy that is not consumed and make this energy available for loads in case of a power demand even when there is no PV production (I.e. power shifting). In other words, storage capability makes user independent of irradiance. The extra PV energy can be stored during daylight and used during high consumption time period where public electricity is expensive. By means of these features user can be independent of increasing prices of utility

High Efficiency
MAVI SOLAR PV ESS can operate with high efficiencies and dissipated power is kept at minimum level. Efficiency is approximately 96% from PV input to the loads.

MAVI SOLAR PV ESS has a rectifier module accepting very large grid voltage range from 80V to 280V and grid frequencies between 44Hz to 66Hz. MPPT charger module supplies solar energy to the load decreasing the work load of the rectifier module even at very low irradiation conditions. Inverter module can supply AC loads efficiently with voltage THD less than 3% and can operate for a specific period of time at 150% load conditions. If continuous overload conditions is at issue, inverter module activates static bypass connection to supply AC loads uninterruptedly. If technical service or maintenance is required, manuel bypass can be activated and loads can be fed during maintenance time period.