Modges Power Station

With many years of R&D experience, Mavisis Technology has developed MAVI SOLAR MODGES Modular Central Photovoltaic Inverter Products and MODGES Power Station Solution. Among these products, our central inverters with modular redundancy draw attention with their creative design approach. The MAVI SOLAR MODGES concept successfully combines the price advantages of central inverters and the control ability of string inverters at string level with high efficiency, high availability and reliability.

Special MV Transformer is NOT Necessary
MODGES products do not have 300 V AC output like other central inverters but have 400V AC output at low voltage level so they can be connected to conventional compact MV transformers or to existing MV transformers on site.

15 Independent MPPT Inputs for Each MW
MODGES Power Station at 1MW power has 15 independent MPPT inputs. High MPPT number allows partial excavation over the ground, reducing excavation cost and enabling higher energy harvesting. A data logger connected to the inverter can monitor the voltage, current and power of each MPPT input.

Modular but Central
MODGES Modular Central Inverter product modules are placed in MODGES Power Station. This approach prevents the inverter modules from being exposed to external conditions; thus, extending the life of the inverter, enabling installation and maintenance to be done in a more comfortable environment and allowing maintenance even in poor weather conditions. The cost of such things as road building between the photovoltaic modules and waiting for the weather conditions to improve for intervention, which are essential in photovoltaic power plants designed with string inverters, are not necessary with MODGES Modular Central Inverter products.

Reactive Power Control / Grid Support
MODGES Modular Central Inverters perform reactive power control and network support functions.

PID Prevention and Snow-Melting Functions
MAVI SOLAR MODGES Modular Central Inverters have the capability to transfer power in reverse direction (from grid to PV modules). Thus, PID prevention for PV modules can be achieved. This function can also be used for snow-melting purpose which can be a great feature for rooftop applications.

Operation Under Very Low Irradiance! Mavisolar Has the Lowest PV Voltage
With the wide photovoltaic voltage range of MAVI SOLAR MODGES Modular Central Inverters, it is possible to transfer energy to the grid starting from low radiation levels as low as 6 W/m2. MAVI SOLAR MODGES Modular Central Inverters continue to transfer energy while rival inverters can not transfer any energy when there is very low irradiation!


No Power Derating Under Excessive Irradiation
MAVI SOLAR MODGES Modular Central Inverters has the ability to keep working without any power derating within the temperature limits under 110% – 120% irradiation. Recent researches show that irradiation values higher than 1000W/m2 correspond to about 8% of annual energy production, depending on geography.


Mavisis and DMY Group Guarantee
Our company Mavisis is a member of DMY Group with 10 years of R&D and field experience. DMY Group is the founder of Turkey’s biggest power electronics company and the biggest power electronics companies of Turkey have always been domestic firms. With 26 companies and 1600 employees, you have the possibility of local technical support and service with DMY group guarantee. Our products are high performance devices that have proven their reliability with national and international standards compliance documents and years of field experience.



  • Energy conversion is achieved at a high efficiency with MODGES Modular Central Inverters which have a modular structure as long as they are used in the correct number according to the solar power plant capacity which is specified by the customer. In low photovoltaic powers, system efficiency and lifetime are increased by making only necessary number of inverters operating with dynamic power control.
  • Thanks to the modular structure, troubleshooting time significantly decreases and the defect-free modules can keep transferring energy to the grid during troubleshooting time.
  • System has overvoltage protection, DC current protection, overcurrent protection, over temperature protection, overload protection, ground fault protection, leakage current protection, reverse polarity protection, grid fault protection and islanding protection.
  • Energy information for whole system, energy information for each inverter module and data from weather station can be followed via remote monitoring system.
  • It is possible to make inverter modules operate at high efficiencies by suitable climatization of MODGES Power Station even at very low and very high outside temperatures.
  • Capability to adjust active and reactive power.
  • High DC input voltage
  • Low DC cable loss
  • Global maximum power point tracker which is resistive against partial shading
  • Interior layout of MODGES Power Station is designed in such a way that technical service/maintenance operations & device substitutions in necessary situations can done in fast and ergonomic working conditions



MAVISOLAR MODGES Güç İstasyonu Çözümü, merkezi inverterlerin fiyat avantajları ile örgü inverterlerin fotovoltaik örgü düzeyinde kontrol yeteneğini yüksek verim, yüksek mevcudiyet ve güvenilirlik ile başarıyla birleştirmektedir.

MODGES Eviricilerin modüler yapısı sayesinde 200kW den 1MW’a kadar istenen ölçekte fotovoltaik güç santrali kolayca tasarlanabilir. MAVISOLAR MODGES ile sistem entegratörlerinin ve müşterilerin işleri kolaylaşıyor.