Modular Central Inverter

•For large commercial roofs and solar power stations, innovative, high performance and economical modular central inverter solution
•High power levels starting from 200 kWp
•3 independent MPPT inputs on each 200 kWp roof
•Energy production capability at low irradiance conditions starting from 6 W/m2 and corresponding low DC input voltage and hence 5% more energy production
•No power derating at 110% high irradiation
•98,3% peak efficiency
•No need for special MV transformer
•Direct connection to LV grid
•Award winning domestic technology
•High DC input voltage
•Control and tracking functions at level of string pair (with MSABK combiner box)
•Modular topology
•High availability due to modular topology
•Short troubleshooting time
•No obligation for maintenance contract
•Extended warranty and up-time warranty
•Flat efficiency curve by features of redundant operation
•Data Logger




With many years of R&D experience, Mavisis has developed MAVI SOLAR MODGES central photovoltaic inverter system. MAVI SOLAR MODGES photovoltaic inverter system combines successfully both the price advantages of central inverters and the control capability of string inverters at string level by providing high efficiency, high availability and reliability.

Innovative and modular concept of MAVI SOLAR MODGES provides the optimal solution for solar power stations of future.

Our MODGES product reaches the maximum efficiency at higher voltage levels, which is different from the conventional central

inverters. In this way, you can project your strings at higher voltage levels and hence transmit higher power by cables, reduce

cable cost by 40 % and cable losses up to 100 %.

Different from its competitors, MODGES has 400 V AC output instead of 300 V AC. In this way, it can be connected either to the

conventional, economical, compact MV transformers or to the existing MV transformers in the plant.


Photovoltaic power stations, starting from 200 kWp up to MW power levels, can easily be designed by using the 67 kWp inverter modules, which is the MAVI SOLAR MODGES concept. By features of modularity, it is possible to obtain high availability, reliability and performance very easily. MAVI SOLAR MODGES concept simplifies the tasks of system integrators and customers. Photovoltaic projects are so easy now with MAVI SOLAR MODGES.