Power Storage and Shifting Unit

•Power options starting from 36kWp
•Up to 110% power transfer capability
•Bi-directional operation feature
•240 series connected LiFePO4 battery cell charge and discharge capability
•360 series connected lead acid battery cell charge and discharge capability
•Active and reactive power control feature
•High availability
•Modular architecture
•Communication and control over CANBUS
•Low troubleshooting time
•Non-technical technical staff can troubleshoot
•Extended warranty and up-time guarantee.
•Horizontal efficiency curve
•Can be used with data logger
•Can be used with MODGES inverters
•Can be used with power station solution




Usage Areas
Mavi Solar MODGES Power Shifting Modules is a modular, bi-directional inverter solution with innovative and high-performance price ratio that is used as energy storage unit in intelligent network applications.

MODGES Power Shifting Units;

•Thanks to its bi-directional energy transfer capability, it takes energy from the network at the cheapest hours and stores it in battery units. Then it transfers energy to loads from battery when electricity is expensive.
•It enables active power and reactive power control to keep the power coefficient at the desired value and to stabilize the network.
•It can comfortably meet high energy demand thanks to its 110% continuous loading capability.
•It can be controlled using CANBUS communication protocol.
•Production information can be followed 24 hours by using remote monitoring system.
•Higher power levels can be achieved by operating in parallel.
•Parallel running Power Shifting Units can be used within Mavi Solar power station solution.
•It has a high efficiency with horizontal efficiency curve.