Remote Monitoring System

•PV plant daily, weekly power profiles
•PV plant daily, monthly, annual energy records
•Total energy generated by PV plant since installation
•The amount of CO2 emissions prevented by PV plant
•Financial return provided by PV plant
•Power profiles of each inverter
•Daily, monthly, yearly energy records of each inverter
•MPPT power profiles of each inverter
•The DC voltage levels of each MPPT input
•Instantaneous power estimation and comparison
•Alarm notification
•Production reports notification
•Comparison of inverter performance
•End-of-month and end-of-month reports
•PV plant meteorology sensor data
•Radiation and Temperature Graphs

System Description

With Mavi Takip Remote Monitoring System, data from each inverter and meteorological station in the PV plant can be monitored numerically and graphically over the internet. You can connect to Mavi Takip portal from anywhere you have internet access and reach your facility using your username and password created for your power plant and observe all the details about your facility 24 hours a day.

The main page of the facility in the portal contains data like the date of commissioning, installed power, inverter model, number of inverters, plant location, panel model, number of panels and so on. In addition, you can easily access and graphically follow production information based on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly range since installation.

PV power, PV voltage, active power transmitted to the network, mains current, total generated energy, daily generated energy, inverter communication information etc. data can be viewed on the portal for each inverter used in the PV power plant. You can also see atmospheric information from the meteorological station on the portal, such as irradiation, temperature, humidity and wind speed.



Mavi Takip Pro is an additional application that allows the analysis of many parameters related to PV production data for expert technical personnel, maintenance and technical service authorities.

It allows user to monitor more than one inverters comparing and analyzing each other based on various production parameters on the same graph.

With Mavi Takip Pro, you can sort all the inverters in the power plant by energy production quantities and filter by specific value ranges. You can go into the details of what you want to examine.

The Alarm / Alert system informs you via SMS or e-mail when something is unusual or a specific situation you want to follow occurs.

You can access periodic reports with various parameters.